What Makes Us Different

Individualized Service 

We have thoughtfully structured our firm to be able to thoroughly take care of each of our clients' unique needs. First and foremost, we find out what each of our client’s goals are and then base our recommendations around those goals. Not every client has the same goals so each will have an individualized plan and recommendations.

Resources and Tools Unique to Validus

We utilize analytics which allow us to provide future focused projections for your entire portfolio. Access to such tools provides you with a reasonable probability of how your investments will perform within a six- month timeframe. Validus Financial’s use of this type of advanced analytics sets us apart by giving our clients a higher degree of confidence in any type of market. At Validus Financial, we believe the way to a successful financial future is to look at both past trends and performance along with statistical probabilities of future performance.

Fiduciaries with Integrity*

At Validus there is nothing we take more seriously than our reputation of integrity. We have always been fully committed to putting the needs of our clients and their families first when planning for their financial futures. We will always take into consideration what matters most to you and, as your fiduciaries, will act accordingly to provide you with the utmost confidence that you are on the right track toward achieving your financial goals.

Comprehensive Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Validus Financial Associates provides you access to a highly experienced group of professionals who provide a collaborative approach to help you toward realizing your stated goals. We help you define your vision for the future and create a clear, concise course of action to optimize your potential for financial success. Additionally, as part of your financial plan we will factor in all aspects of your financial situation including how taxes, timing and other factors may affect your portfolio now and in the future.

Investment Approach

One of the key differentiators of Validus Financial is found in our investment approach. This approach was developed by an experienced committee of professionals with financial experience, including CFAs, CFPs, CRCs and 40 years of combined investment experience.

*To the extent that we are providing you with investment advisory services, including either financial planning services or ongoing investment advice as part of a LPL Financial investment advisory program (i.e., fee-based managed account) pursuant to a written agreement and related disclosures that describes this investment advisory relationship, I am acting in a fiduciary capacity related to those services under the federal securities law, in particular the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. 

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