Post-Retirement Planning

You’ve planned carefully for your retirement. Now let’s help make sure your retirement planning is working for you.

Validus Financial Associates takes a look at your entire retirement plan to help ensure your money is working towards helping you accomplish all the goals you’ve created over the years.

  • Are your living expenses being met?
  • Are you able to do what you want to do with your time?
  • What are some tax strategies that could help you?

Working with retirees in the past, we have sometimes found discrepancies in what amount of risk they think they have and what their investments are actually doing for them. Taking a holistic approach, we can evaluate your investments and overall situation to determine if they match your goals and risk levels.

How do We Do This?

Step 1

We will do an overall assessment of all of your needs, including long-term care insurance, life insurance, and disability income.

Step 2

We will bucketize your assets so that we always have 3-5 years of money in income producing vehicles.

Step 3

Together we’ll assess where you are each year to take a look at your spending. More often than not, we find that our retirees aren’t spending enough!

Working with VFA

After all the years you’ve spent saving for retirement, it’s important to continue with careful planning. For the same fee or sometimes less than our pre-retiree clients, we provide a lot more value-add to your overall situation to help ensure you experience the retirement you worked so hard to create.

<strong>How do you make the most of your retirement?</strong>

How do you make the most of your retirement?

If you are nearing retirement, I urge you to focus on “retirement readiness.” While this is a new concept in the retirement community, it comprises more than financial planning. Additionally, it focuses heavily on social, family, emotional, and physical planning for retirement. You cannot simply “retire” anymore; you must begin non-financial retirement planning.


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