Aaron C. Montez, CFP®

Client Centered

"This work fulfills me at such a level that part of my life plan is to stay involved in my practice and take care of my clients for life."

While I’ve always been motivated to serve others, I decided early in life what form that service was going to take. After doing well in a medical science class in high school, I was offered the opportunity to go to college and have my pre-med studies paid for. Even though it was tempting move forward on that path, I knew even at a young age that I could make a greater impact helping others with their financial wellbeing.

Since that pivotal moment, I’ve earned a degree in Finance from ASU and my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner certification and officially joined the financial industry in 1999. I enjoy helping clients who are serious about the work required to reach their goals and am dedicated to being a resource to help them in their efforts.

Client Centered

When I’m not working with clients, I love spending time with my family, playing tennis, fishing and going to Suns games. I also enjoy volunteering as a teacher to high school students and give financial planning classes to all age groups throughout the year.

Helping people with their financial endeavors has always been more than a job to me.  I strive to put myself in situations where I can be a valuable resource and serve others. I love when clients see and use me as a resource and enjoy increasing my knowledge and skillset to help people live their best lives. I don’t farm out the critical tasks that many advisors do, like portfolio construction and management, because I want to be directly involved in my clients' successes. Providing what my clients need to create a financial foundation that enables them to enjoy life now, knowing that their future is on course, is what this is all about.